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The Season of Surrender Be not deceived my friend, as you watch trembling fragile leaves of every hue refusing to relinquish and let go of their ecstatic, comfortable hold on life and all that has been: gradually and finally succumbing to the unrelenting dictates of gravity and the teasing gentle inroads of wind and rain. How hard to say farewell ...

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Extraordinary Month for Mission

Tea Pickers -

So many of us never know where our commodities like tea, coffee and cocoa come from. Even more so, we never stop to think of the processes it takes to reach our mugs or tea cups! Those on mission in many parts of the world are privileged to meet those who provide for us      . . . and when we ...

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Recently we have been reflecting more deeply on the amazing achievement of fifty years ago, when for the first time ever, man travelled to, and landed on, the moon. Many of today’s youth almost take this for granted, as the rapid advance of science has enabled various types of space exploration. For those of us who followed, with baited breath, ...

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Reflection for August


Just recently journalists were trying to reproduce for numerous colour magazines a strange phenomenon – three rainbows! As we all know, there is usually one rainbow and often there is a second as a shadow…even that is remarkable and we stand to look in awe – but three distinct rainbows! Scientists were scrambling to offer explanations but too, were baffled ...

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Reflection for July


It was not by chance that the Catholic Missionary Union decided to use Hothorpe Hall, near Market Harborough, for their venue for a retreat to be held for teachers, chaplains and RE coordinators. This particular site appears in the Dooms Daybook (1086) and the manor has passed through the hands and lives of many famous families, including the Catholic family ...

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As I pray, I watch the candle flame burning itself out for the Lord, giving its all. Then I see and feel its movement—it is Dancing!  And I really feel my heart is dancing too, moved by the awareness of a Divine Presence.  God is the Infinite Mover—God dances too!   God dances through the music and rhythm of life: the ...

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Reflection for April

prodigal Son

As Lent continues and we look towards Holy Week and the Triduum, our minds during these past few weeks have been taken up with many issues that surround us and often we don’t know the way forward: the complexities around Brexit; recent flooding in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe; the horrors of violence in New Zealand; knife crime in our cities, ...

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Mission Newsletter


RNDM sisters in UK and Ireland promote mission through  various apostolates, outreach, communication and funding for the missionary works of 870 Sisters of OUR LADY OF THE MISSIONS in 22 countries worldwide. With a grateful  hearts we thank you for your generosity in the supports of our Missions.  

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Provoking Thoughts – and Experiences.


Serving the poor and needy in our inner cities is a major concern for many people today.  As Lent approaches it is good to stop and reflect on those people who give up their days and nights attending to the homeless and the destitute. One such person is one of our student sisters who while studying attends the Capuchin Homeless ...

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