Monthly Archives: December 2015


“It is always harder to be left behind than to be the one to go.”   [Brock Thoene]  Guilt and grief were like dark clouds hanging over the Barbier household, even though Adele and Louis had now, albeit reluctantly, agreed to allow Euphrasie to go to the convent.  It was days before anyone could broach the painful subject of her leaving ...

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A Hundred Years Young


Our Julie has reached such a wonderful stage, The records all show that she’s now come of age. A hundred long years she has been on this earth, And seen many changes occur since her birth, No Radio, films or TV in her day. Penicillin, or drugs, to keep sickness at bay. No dishwasher, credit cards, carpets, or phones, And ...

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Yesterday, among the many catalogues sent for Christmas, there was one entitled, ‘The Gift of Music.’  It made me stop and think—yes, how true and how precious a gift!  Shakespeare spoke of music as ‘the food of love’ and God is Love. This gift has the power to draw us in, to the very depths of ourselves and……. that is ...

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