Monthly Archives: June 2017

Summer Days


As June passes with many memories of sadness, shock and destruction, I turned the calendar over to see July’s surprise image: I was met with the words:  “Let cares drift away!” On another calendar I saw a    smiling Shetland pony! As I look out of the window I see magnificent colours of the harvest and wild flowers bouncing against the ...

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The weekend of 10th and 11th June, was a special and happy occasion for us in Churchtown. A girl from Antrim, called Grace Mc Cann,  had expressed the wish to visit our convent  and have a talk with Una.  Grace  knew Sr. Carmel well and had already visited our convent on a few occasions,  so she was no stranger to ...

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Notre Dame Revisited – The Class of 1977


On Sunday, May28, the Notre Dame Secondary School leavers of 1977, paid a flying visit to their old Alma Mater. On the previous afternoon, one of them arrived at our convent to invite the sisters, especially any of them associated with their class, to join them the following afternoon in the Senior School. They had only been permitted to look ...

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