Euphrasie Barbier

BEGINNINGS – The life of Euphrasie Barbier

“Life is either a daring adventure, or it is nothing.”                                                                                                               [Helen Keller] The fourth day of January 1829 dawned with dark ominous clouds threatening  to shower and engulf the earth with their burden of snow.  A cold fierce wind howled angrily around the sturdy walls of a small second floor flat trying in vain to dislodge the windows and ...

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Introduction – The life of Euphrasie Barbier

“A saint is someone who makes goodness attractive.” [Laurence Housman] I know that, if asked, you would be able to give me a number of definitions of the word ‘saint’, however, the above definition is one that I particularly like. Down through the ages, however, there have been many saints who did not make ‘goodness attractive’, in fact made it ...

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