Ministry Experience

Sr. Helen Reynolds celebrating her 90th  birthday

Sr. Helen Reynolds celebrating her 90th birthday

My ministry here in Ireland in the RNDM Dublin community is my studies and assisting our sisters as needed. The majority of the sisters are elderly and appreciate being helped in various ways. I have been fortunate since coming to Dublin to be able to share with the sisters their experience of missionary life. I marvel at their courage in going on the foreign mission with little hope of returning to visit their families. Some of them spent up to 30 years without ever returning to their home land. In fact eight sisters from this community spent lengthy period of time in Kenya, while one sister was in India for over 20 years. There are 23 sisters in the community more than the membership of the Philippine Region.

May the Holy Trinity bless you all and Euphrasie be with you always.

(Mercy RNDM)