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Women’s Day of Prayer – March 2, 2018


 The Women of Suriname – South America “All God’s Creation is Very Good!” This year throughout the world women will gather to pray in various Christian churches for the work and lives of women. The women of Suriname have prepared the theme and readings for this International Day of Prayer for Women. The art work represents the table of the ...

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The weekend of 10th and 11th June, was a special and happy occasion for us in Churchtown. A girl from Antrim, called Grace Mc Cann,  had expressed the wish to visit our convent  and have a talk with Una.  Grace  knew Sr. Carmel well and had already visited our convent on a few occasions,  so she was no stranger to ...

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Notre Dame Revisited – The Class of 1977


On Sunday, May28, the Notre Dame Secondary School leavers of 1977, paid a flying visit to their old Alma Mater. On the previous afternoon, one of them arrived at our convent to invite the sisters, especially any of them associated with their class, to join them the following afternoon in the Senior School. They had only been permitted to look ...

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Teacher’s Study Pilgrimage

Sacred Heart Language College, Wealdstone receives gift from the Pilgrimage Group – Miss Higgins with some pupils and teachers from Bangladesh. (Friday, October 7, 2016)

Heart of RNDM Spirit and Mission 23 September – 7 October, 2016 Pilgrimage in England After a special visit to France and following the early life of Euphrasie Barbier and her first years as the Foundress of our Congregation – Our Lady of the Missions, the Pilgrimage Group arrived in England. This time to trace not only her early years ...

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Memories of Leyland: St Catherine’s, Secondary – “Oaklands”


On Friday, February 5: 2016, 11 RNDMs gathered to celebrate our 68 years of presence and ministry, and pending closure in Leyland, Nr Preston, Lancashire. Gathering in St Mary’s Church, Leyland was like coming to an end of a journey. As a former pupil of St Catherine’s Secondary School, Oaklands, we used to walk to St Mary’s for various events, ...

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A Special Celebration of our Fours Schools in Wealdstone Parish

Over 400 pupils squeezed into St Joseph’s Church to celebrate this occasion along their Head Teachers, Deputy Heads and members of staff plus Sacred Heart Choir including Year 11, noticeable by their red jumpers. Uniforms: St Josephs - yellow and brown, St Teresa’s- blue and white, Sacred Heart - blue blazers and Salvatorian in mufti.

On Friday 9th,  Year 5 of St Joseph’s and St Teresa’s Primary Schools and Year 7 from Salvatorian and Sacred Heart Language Colleges came together to celebrate the Eucharist to mark the occasion of the International Year of the Consecrated Life. These places of learning were founded by the two main religious communities here in St Joseph’s parish, Wealdstone, the ...

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Mission Day – Sacred Heart Language College

Sacred Heart Language College and Mission Group—Thursday Oct 8, 2015

On Thursday morning, Oct 8th, a group of Missionaries and co-workers associated with mission   were invited to spend the morning at Sacred Heart Language College, Wealdstone, to share their stories with Year 8 as to why they made choices to work as missionaries overseas or working for charities and societies that promote mission in the world.  During the week before ...

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Visiting the RNDM Sisters, Arequipa – Peru August- September 2014

Saying a sad ‘Goodbye’ on my final night

Despite my time spent with the Sisters in Arequipa being brief, my memories of my stay are those of warmth, kindness and peacefulness. My sister and I were welcomed into the intimate community there with absolute ease, and quickly came to appreciate the calm and tranquillity of the convent. I enjoyed sharing mealtimes together with the sisters, engaging in lively ...

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