Reflection for November, 2017

“On this mountain he will remove the mourning veil covering all peoples . . .” Isaiah 25: 7.

How these words of Isaiah sang out to me as I visited the grave of Sr Maureen McBride as she lies in the cemetery, St Rambert, France. As I prayed at her tomb I asked Maureen what to write  for this reflection and she almost indicted that I turn around and see the mountains embracing her and all those lying in wait for the final day when we all will be united at the table of the heavenly banquet.

Sans titre3God’s creation is enwrapping all of us and even now we can be consoled by the mountains casting their shadows over the graves of the deceased in protection.

As we celebrate Maureen’s life again on her first anniversary of life with God, November 26, we cannot forget the words of Isaiah:


The Lord will wipe away the tears from every cheek, he will take away everyone one’s worries everywhere on earth. “

November is time when nature changes and suffers loss as the leaves fall leaving bare branches, preparing for rest and regeneration, so it is good  time for us also to remember and to walk with those in grief and to be with those who once had been part of our lives. It is time also to prepare for our own regeneration to a new life in God.


Prayer Reflection:

Lord, I want my death to be a gift Sans titre3

and the only way my death

can be a gift, is

if my living is a gift

right now, today

in this frantic, confusing, lovely

messy moment in history.


Excepted from Gold in Your Memories by Macrina Wiederkehr


For all our loving dead and all those unforgotten let this be time of remembering.

Rose Mary, Rndm