A Hundred Years Young

Our Julie has reached such a wonderful stage,

The records all show that she’s now come of age.

A hundred long years she has been on this earth,

And seen many changes occur since her birth,

No Radio, films or TV in her day.

Penicillin, or drugs, to keep sickness at bay.

No dishwasher, credit cards, carpets, or phones,

And no running water piped into the homes.


But Julie, though born in those far away days,

Is very progressive in so many ways.

She learned the computer, developed her aims,

Took interest in politics, crosswords and games.

She looks very smart, has the walk of a Queen,

So mentally active, composed and serene.

Observant, discreet and as wise as can be,

A sensible lifestyle may well be the key.


May peace, joy and love ever brighten your way,

Your good common sense carry you through each day.

God Bless and reward you and lighten your cares,

And give you good health for so many more years.

A great inspiration in all of our eyes,

Taking care of yourself, independent and wise.

We congratulate you for all you have done.

May God be your strength, till the battle is won.

Sr Una Rutledge, RNDM