Entering the heart of summertime – August Reflection

Despite our summers in this part of the world being a bit unsettled, and travel not so possible this year after so many restrictions, we can take this time mentally and spiritually to make changes to our routine during this summertime. We have learnt from experience that no one will thank us if we continue to treat this month as other busy months in the year and keep on doing things that are unnecessary!  We have only ourselves to blame when September comes around and we are not refreshed or ready to begin a new phase of the year.  Taking some thoughts from Joyce Rupp and Marcrina Wiederkehr, let us enter into the “heart of summertime” with their ideas and inspirations. (Adapted from The Circle of Life©2005)

“Go to the garden/balcony . . . walk around it. Notice the various kinds of flowers, potted plants it contains. . . . Look at the colours . . . the shapes . . . at the sizes. . . .

pic1Find one flower, plant in particular that has grown and is ready to be taken from the garden. Stand near it – touch it. . . . What does it feel like? What colour is it? Does it have its own distinct smell?  Let the flower tell you something about itself – its process of growth. As you begin to walkaway back inside, “feel the power of the sun warming your body. If in the garden, notice how your feet feel as you walk on land that can produce such wonderful life-giving things. Turn round and look again where you have walked and been. Ask to remember the loveliness of this summer moment.  Breathe this prayer:

Blessed are you, summer, season of long days and short nights,

you pour forth light from your golden orb,

energising the earth and calling forth growth. . . .

Blessed are you, gracious season of summer,

you surprise us with a variety of gifts from the earth.

We too, gaze into the earth of ourselves,

beholding gifts waiting to be honoured. . . .

Blessed are you, summer, season rooted in reality.

Even as the perspiration collects on our brow,

we experience your earthy joy.

Blessed are you, summer, with your firefly evenings,

you minister to the child in us.

You feel our hunger for beauty.


Watch “Cover me in Sunshine” by Pink, Willow Sage Hart – YouTube.

Vibe Guide, 17 Feb, 2021

Shower me with good times

Rose Mary Harbinson RNDM