It was one of those forever days – freedom perfuming the air – fresh, exhilarating, divine!

I rose early, surveyed the world, and embraced it tenderly, enhancing, enriching it by the gentle pressure of a non-possessive LOOK which said: JUST BE! and it WAS!

Along the splendid crescent, oozing wealth I strolled: extravagant gardens concealing palaces of comfort – and all along the way the smell of meadow sweet and elder. I chose to plant my gaze upon a house deserted, barred and locked.

An iron gate closed firmly, black and strong, my arm did rest, and with a sigh, through wilderness of stately trees I peered in breathless awe and saw horse chestnut, weighed to the ground with hidden grief while through its bare and drooping boughs dog roses peeped.

Light footsteps wafted me along avenues of adoring trees: fragrant blossoms caressing my windswept hair and teasing my out-stretched fingers with messages of HOPE and FRUITFUNESS. Dancing shadows on sunlit path ahead, reflecting intangible, delicate realities within. Round every hidden corner, YOU were there, just out of reach! Beckoning me on, pointing the way ahead – past YOU to some place indistinct, yet not too far away.

A sudden burst of thunder, wildly pelting rain and flash of lighting! I leapt and danced into the fray. My laughter shook the tearful trees, Flowers opened as I sang. At every step a waterfall appeared. The ripple of its music awakened all the birds and soon the world was smiling and whispering to me in awe:

We have a cloud to thank for this! What bliss!

I let my gaze rest fleetingly on YOU and then passed by – silent and alone.

It was one of those rare FOREVER days- Fresh, exhilarating – DIVINE!

Mary Frances Collett, RNDM