March Reflection – Women’s Day of Prayer for Creation

As Spring is in the air, and we see new growth appearing on our trees and shrubs, it is only right and fitting that the world celebrates Women as “caretakers of creation”- nurturing life and working for peace and harmony. March 2nd is the International Day when churches everywhere, of all denominations, will gather to celebrate Women. This year we join with the Christian women of Suriname – an almost unknown country situated on the north coast of South America. The theme this year is:

“All God’s Creation is Very Good!”MarchRe1

How fitting this is: as farmers all over the world will be waiting to see if the winter planting has borne fruit – if small shoots are appearing in the fields and on the fruit-bearing trees.

Suriname is a country rich in fruit and vegetables and they wish to share that gift of creation with women all over the world. For us in the northern hemisphere we long to see the lengthening of days and to welcome Spring. Winter is precious but at this time of the year we just need to raise our spirits to experience the warmth of the sun and to see new shoots spring forth into new life! The Christian women of Suriname tell us it is our responsibility to care and look after creation – we are caretakers. 108 countries signed the Paris Agreement on Climate change – and the prayers throughout the services will highlight our responsibility: “History is before our eyes! The flora and fauna are remarkable! Everyday life is weaved into our prayers.”

What can we do as caretakers?

The next time we use plastic recycle it responsibly or even avoid it if we can. Pray for solutions for the world as our landscapes and oceans become more and more cluttered with our rubbish!


For the beauty of the earth we pray!