November Reflection

A Personal Reflection in November

It is early morning and the dawn chorus faithfully rings over the cold earth.  How much there is to celebrate at the dawn of this new day! Though all is still and frozen there is certain vibrancy in the air, enticing one to peer through the window and embrace the gift out there. From my warm and comfortable room I can envisage this as a day to look forward to: one which brings friendly companionship, laughter, satisfaction at work and more than enough to eat and enjoy. Yes, welcome to my world and all that invites me to live life to the full, today!

Now my thoughts have turned to those faceless men and women who have spent the night , out there under the stars lying on damp and filthy rags; no soft place to lay their heads, no morning call to break the long fast. And countless hundreds who only last night huddles and crowded into ill-made boats and risked their lives on stormy waters to escape to so called freedom and a new life. Courageous men and women who fought in wars past and present are remembered with such gratitude throughout the world.

Now I ponder on the naked wind-blown trees, brown sodden earth, wailing of the howling gales, witnessing the horror of it all and crying out in anguish and despair. Is anyone there they seems to scream their desperate plea echoing in the valleys, hills and deserted streets and oceans. Does anyone care?

In my dream last night I saw the first glimmer of light at dawn. All was still and silent, not a breath of sound or movement stirring in the shadowy bare trees.  As I look in wonder and listened to the silence I heard a gentle whisper like the sound of a breeze and saw someone coming to towards me gathering others to follow. I watched in awe as sleeping beggars were roused from slumber and transported to places of warmth and comfort. Drowning men, women and children were being plucked to safety and not one lost! I gazed in wonder and relief.

I am awake now. My eyes are open, my ears listening, my heart beating fast. What does this day challenge me to do on this cold November day?  No one else can take my place or play my part in this journey to freedom and peace for my brothers and sisters.  Yes, today on this cold and frosty morning, “I will remember them.”

Sr. Mary Frances Collett, RNDM