Opposition should never keep you from the work that God has called you to do.  God blesses you when you stand up for what you believe in despite opposition.” [Jim George]

 Euphrasie’s dreams and God’s plans for her were  gradually becoming clearer, since now, thanks to Fr. Lefournier, she knew of a Missionary Congregation for sisters in Cuves.  With the impetuosity and impulsiveness of youth she thought that all she had to do was to pack her bags and go!  She had not expected opposition from anyone and certainly not from her God fearing parents! When, in a surge of enthusiasm and excitement she burst into her home telling them,

“It’s all settled!  I must go to Cuves immediately to join the Sisters of Calvary!”

Her parents stared at her in horror, “No! No! You must not! I will not allow it”, gasped Adele, while Louis, her father, was even more adamant.  They were not prepared to even consider the matter.  Euphrasie could not believe what she was hearing –  that her parents, always so strong in their faith, were refusing to allow her to respond to God’s call to her.  “But Mama, Papa, God is calling me – I must go, I must go”, Euphrasie cried in desperation as she sobbed uncontrollably and her tears flowed,

Frightened  and angry, Adele pleaded, “We cannot allow you to do this!  We would never willingly stop you from doing what God wants but how can we be sure that this is what God wants from you?  Why can’t you go to the good sisters who taught you here in Caen instead of going to the ends of the earth to work among strange people and cultures! “

Louis also put forward his objections, “What if you were stranded in a foreign, faraway country alone, ill, unhappy and completely lost.  How would we know and how could we bring you safely home?”

Euphrasie argued and wept but Adele and Louis insisted and held on to their views.  The whole family was in turmoil.  It was Fr. Lefournier who finally came to support Euphrasie in her hour of need.  “I have made further enquiries,” he said, “and I am satisfied that these Sisters of Calvary  are both sound and reliable.  Let Euphrasie go to them and try her vocation.  Should things not work out, I will be responsible for bringing her home.”  Even after this assurance, it was only after further argument and discussion that Adele and Louis reluctantly agreed to allow Euphrasie to go.  If God really wanted this they could not possibly refuse but they loved their firstborn child and were naturally very fearful for her safety.  They were broken-hearted.

Sister Louise Shields, Rndm