A cloudless sky, sun-soaked and azure for a canopy.

A vast expanse of surging sea and gleaming sand: a carpet for my feet.

The cry of gulls my music, and cool whisper of a breeze, my fan.

And all unseen, my God unfurls His Plan

to captivate me!

I hear Him breathing through the trees ,

see Him peering out of every rose:

feel Him tickling my face with wind-blown sand,

and laughing in the whistle of a friend!

“Be still my soul! Pay heed!

Fall not in love with images of me.”

I feel his tears upon my face when storm clouds from and raindrops fall.

I taste His beauty in a ripened peach;

detect his power in crashing waves upon a rocky shore.

His tenderness peers out from nestlings

feeding from their mother’s beak.

I sense His majesty at rise and set of sun:
inhale his peace when sleep creeps up on me.

His wonder fills me at the break of day

invaded anew with His vitality.

And when I sin and let Him down

I feel His forgiveness in a Priest’s outstretched hand.

May every moment of my life now be

A song of love and worship:

For YOU have captivated ME!

Sr. Mary Frances Collett, Rndm