Refection for June 2020


“Clear days bring the mountains down to my doorstep,
calm nights give the rivers their say.
The wind puts its hand on my shoulder some evenings,
and then I don’t think,
I just leave what I’m doing and I go the soul’s way”
John Moriarty. An Autobiography © 2001

“I go the soul’s way” drawn to a place of beauty, among the greening trees in the local park! I witnessed the early signs of Spring and felt drawn to wordless prayer and praise for this place so near home.  A profound sense of the interconnectedness of all things on the planet present in this place. The singing birds, gentle breezes, the river having its say rippling over the stones all part of something new coming alive in Nature and in me.  The whole universe is here!  Breathe deeply, I remind myself!

The Spring equinox arrived on Friday 20 March.  Three days later lockdown began

in an attempt to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, COVID 19 that was rapidly spreading around the globe so it was named  a pandemic by The World Health Organization, WHO, Thousands around the world have succumbed to its lethal invasion.  A major shift was taking place!

In the park, a kind of hush enveloped us as each walked with intent rarely greeting another fellow walker. As the days passed, it became so noticeable that the sky was a beautiful blue, No planes could be heard because they, too, were in lockdown People began to work from home so the motorway was silent.   Some people were wearing face covering and keeping a physical distance between them and other people. Fear and dread of catching the virus was tangible. Keep your distance!

Earth, our Common Planetary Home has been violated, plundered for centuries.  Nations make war over rights to air space, oceans, rivers, land, forests, minerals, animals and humans have been used as commodities for the pleasure, accumulation of wealth and exploitation like the traders in Jesus time when they were using the temple for buying and selling.  In his anger, Jesus chased them out “My house shall be called a house of prayer”; but you are making it a robbers’ cave’ Matt. 21:13

Why this pandemic?  Why this pandemic NOW?  How do you experience yourself in these days and weeks of lockdown? As in John Moriarty’s poem:  “I just leave what I am doing and I go the soul’s way.” What’s the soul’s way for you?

People ask, ‘when can we get back to normal?’

How does your body respond when you hear that question? What if there is no going back to normal if it means a familiar or routine way of living? Is it like Peter after the Resurrection, “I’m going fishing” It’s easy to go back to the familiar but even that too has changed from what life has offered you.  “This is a Kairos moment-a time of opportunity and hope. It is the time when, individually and collectively, we endeavour to take to heart the challenging yet encouraging message of Laudato Si’ and continue the dialogue, exploring together our oneness in the mystery of the unfolding universe, our common home.” 

Life’s Delicate Balance: Our Common Home and Laudato Sii, Nellie McLaughlin ©Veritas, 2015.

Margaret Doherty, RNDM