Reflection for November

The Greatest Show on Earth!

autum1This year, autumn has excelled itself and been the greatest show on earth.

One morning recently, I was drawn irresistibly to Loch Lomond and the west of Scotland; wanting to re-live memories of past holidays with loved ones!

Driving along alone in the car with the sun splitting the sky I went across the famous Erskine Bridge. Every emotion flooded my soul: Ecstasy at the cascade of colours emanating from the avenues of trees: dancing leaves fluttering in the gentle whisper of a breeze before allowing themselves to fall humbly to the ground.

Later as I walked towards the “bonnie banks” of Loch Lomond, I stood before the vast expanse of rippling water stretching out onto the horizon with the mountains towering over, on all sides. I was alone—and in that silent moment, I felt the pain and grief of the world: of every nation and individual and quietly sobbed.

In the midst of such unparalleled magnificence and vibrant LIFE I was one with humanity. Then I noticed a few little sparrows twittering away among the pebbles: not a care in the world! I began to walk along the beautiful original road beside the Loch and began to smile and reflect on the other side of the story:

Families now have time for one another.
Frontline workers are valued and appreciated as never before– not only the NHS but those with humbler employment—working for long hours often at night.
Labourers ensuring our roads and airports are well maintained and safe.
Inspirational programmes by conservationists.
Who could not be mesmerised and dazzled by the sheer variety of species of every creature on earth and humbled by the way they protect their young and fragile members?
Only our Creator God could bring into life such beauty, such elegance and strength!
The agility of tree-swinging monkeys;
the strength of the tiger and lion;
the fascinating animals such as elephants and kangaroos and the lurking crocodiles.

As humanity fearfully cowers in hiding from an invisible enemy, all of our fearless creation exults and delightfully demonstrates the fullness of its splendour.

Liberated from the folly and greed of humankind, the once polluted air now fresh and fragrant, carrying the pleasant scents from hedgerows, invades our nostrils. Each of our senses share in the ecstasy of this extravaganza!
Silent birds once keeping to their own territory are now embracing the empty safe spaces now open to them. With amazing confidence they strut and prance about on window sills and quirky places, vying for positions on roof tops.
autum2We now have time to “stand and stare” in awe at our new earth evolving and we are immersed in the process.
The choice is ours to allow ourselves to be drawn into the dance and become involved in the transformation with enthusiasm –accepting the sacrificial pain of experiencing the very substance of our lives being taken from us.
A new heaven and a new earth is in our
As we strive to live in the present moment with courage and compassion for one another let us remember that we are not alone!
A new heaven and a new earth are in our sights!  Bring it on!


Sr Mary Frances Collett, RNDM

Photos: Peapix