Reflection for October

oct2Some time ago, I was given a book that had a short story of ‘The Dream in the Acorn’.

I was drawn to the story because I grew up near oak trees and marvelled that a tiny acorn could produce such big trees.  What did the author mean by the ‘dream’? I soon realised that the unique ‘something’ in the acorn that guided its growth as it developed into an oak tree, was what he named as ‘God’s Dream’. The dream or plan that is innate in the acorn slowly directed its growth through storms, and climate conditions to grow into such strength and expansiveness and live for a very long time. It never says I want to be a chestnut tree! It must follow its unique innate dream!

Our lives too are directed by God’s dream.  Some years ago, I was with an international group of people who were at a crossroads in their lives and were deciding on a new path in life.   One day, to make a point, the Lecturer told a story that connected with all of us. It was a story from another culture. It went something like this: Before people are born, God whispers to each one why he is sending us to earth and his dream for each of us. However, in the birthing journey, we forget what God whispered to us. This creates a restlessness in us that becomes the quest in life. That innate dream, that whisper urges and directs us towards wholeness, integration and fullness of life. As St Augustine said: “Our hearts are restless until they rest in thee!”

As we listen to God’s irrepressible dream in the depths of our being, we give expression to it in how we care and relate to others and all of creation with compassion, respect and attentiveness to their unique presence and contribution to the beauty of their presence on planet earth, our common home.  How about pausing and allowing wonder to replace haste by gazing for a few moments on God’s dream being expressed through a flower, a sunset, a bird in a tree, the night sky, a little child playing in the sand!

Take some time to journal your thoughts and feelings after reading this brief contribution to our website.

What is evoked in you when you hear ‘God’s irrepressible dream in you’.

Let a Scripture story deepen your new insight on God’s dream in you.

Listen to God’s Dream