Summer Days

SummerAs June passes with many memories of sadness, shock and destruction, I turned the calendar over to see July’s surprise image: I was met with the words:

 “Let cares drift away!”

On another calendar I saw a    smiling Shetland pony!

As I look out of the window I see magnificent colours of the harvest and wild flowers bouncing against the backdrop of a lazy sun!


It was barely a month since we witnessed so many changes to the idyllic life here in England- violence, tragedy, terrorism and more recently, a devastating fire that has taken so many lives. Maybe the calendar image above has something to share with us . . .

The variegate colours in one field all swaying to the same breeze and bathed in the same warmth of a July sun. Can we again enjoy summer days that in the past promised holidays and that well-earned rest and play without the fear of looking over our shoulder? Can we truly let our cares drift away for just a while to enjoy summer days?

Lord, be with us as we take our rest and may this be a month to smile and to put our cares and fears aside.

 Rose Mary Harbinson, RNDM