August Reflection


It was an October morning and the presence of Autumn was becoming more evident; cooler mornings with the sun taking longer to bring warmth.  I stepped out the front door inhaling deep breaths of the freshness of a new day when I saw a masterpiece displayed over the hedge! Its beauty drew my attention and I moved towards it to ...

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July reflection


We  are now well into summer and the beauty of the long summer days invites us to recall the wealth of God’s continued providence and presence in our lives and in the whole of creation. Gerard Manley Hopkins expresses the holiness of creation, of which we are a part, in the following words, “The world is charged with the grandeur ...

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The work of the Holy Spirit

We are all aware that the world today is beset with tensions and violence in the North and South, in the Middle East, in Africa and many other countries.  There are threats, new conflicts and other evils in the news every day.  We have all been saddened by the enormous earthquake in Nepal and the appalling tragedies of migrants who ...

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June Reflection

One of our Sisters tells the story of her young grand-nephew of 4 years old. Having been told something by his grandmother and been warned that it was a secret, just between the two of them, she said, “Don’t let the cat out of the bag!” He was very good, even though he struggled to keep the secret to himself. ...

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April Reflection


Over the past few weeks in our readings from the Word of God, we have heard accounts of the reaction of different groups of people to Jesus’ resurrection. From disbelief, amazement, astonishment, they have come to accept the fact that Jesus Christ has truly risen. This has meant a profound change in their understanding of and attitude to Jesus and ...

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Rising to New Life


During the service of light in the Easter ceremony, the priest says, ‘may this new fire enflame us with hope’. What is our hope? to walk from now on “in newness of life” and to live with Christ forever in heaven. Lent prepared us for receiving newness of life. The first reading on the last Sunday of Lent read, ‘I ...

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