Third Sunday of Lent

Third Sunday of Lent 2021

As we continue our Lenten Journey on this third Sunday, we encounter Jesus angered by the desecration He sees in the Temple. There are many forms of desecration in our world today. We have witnessed the frustration and anger of millions of people in Myanmar as they continue to protest against the oppression and violation of their freedom and democratic ...

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Second Sunday of Lent

Lenten reflections 2nd Sunday

In our time, we are called into solidarity – “a moral virtue and social attitude born of personal conversion.” [pg 12, Tui Motu, Feb 2021] Solidarity calls us to the beyond of our own humanity, to stand together, belonging as “one breath, one body, one spirit….”[Sarah Tompsen songline], and in this solidarity, encounters will lead to transformation; to the more ...

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March, the month of expectations!         


March this year looks as if it is coming in like a lamb, with gentle temperatures and warmer days, so let us hope that it leaves us equally as calm with many positive memories. We certainly need this during a climate of the Coronavirus, which in its aftermath has left much sadness and devastation.  Yet we also know, March is ...

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As we begin our own Lenten journey, we need to recall and remember that we are not setting out on this journey on our own. God is with us walking by our side in every step of the way.  

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Reflection for Ash Wednesday


As we enter this prayerful Season of Lent, how do we ready ourselves? Today’s readings encourage us to ritually prepare our physical selves in readiness for our internal transformation: Anoint your head—bless yourself as a child of God on the Journey to the Kingdom. Wash your face – ready yourself for this pilgrimage of the soul. Sign yourself with the ...

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Reflection for February 2021


St. Brigid’s feast on 1st February, was originally a pre Christian Celtic festival called Imbolg, which ushered in the soft balmy weather of Spring. At the centre of Celtic Spirituality, Brigid offers us an ancient awareness that connects with our feminine, intuitive and creative aspects and is vital for the world of our time “as we search for right relationship ...

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Reflection for January 2021 – New Beginning


        “The old year runs away from me, I hang onto her sleeve but she shakes me loose…” (J Rupp)  We are beginning a month named after the Roman god Janus, an appropriate image for the start of New Year 2021.  This particular Roman god of transitions, of new beginnings, had two faces, he could look ahead towards ...

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Reflection for November


The Greatest Show on Earth! This year, autumn has excelled itself and been the greatest show on earth. One morning recently, I was drawn irresistibly to Loch Lomond and the west of Scotland; wanting to re-live memories of past holidays with loved ones! Driving along alone in the car with the sun splitting the sky I went across the famous ...

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Reflection for October

NOW IS THE ACCEPTABLE TIME . . . One of my favourite children’s story books is A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh. It has so many little gems in it. At one point, Winnie the Pooh and his closest friend Piglet are sauntering along the path and Winne asks Piglet “What day is it called.” Piglet says, “It’s today!”  “That’s my ...

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