Walking into another year of life – leaving the old and welcoming the new, is an opportunity to pause and listen to the silent wisps of surprises that visited us in 2016; experiences of graced moments often forgotten and yet carried  within the crevices of our beings. It is a time to slow down and allow memories to come and ...

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December reflection


It’s Advent again, the time of year when we look forward to the celebration of Christmas and the promise of Love in the person of Emmanuel, God–with–us. As we prepare in “joyful hope” for the coming of Christ among us, we cannot journey through these weeks without the company of Mary, the woman of faith. In her company, Mary will ...

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November Reflection


A Personal Reflection in November It is early morning and the dawn chorus faithfully rings over the cold earth.  How much there is to celebrate at the dawn of this new day! Though all is still and frozen there is certain vibrancy in the air, enticing one to peer through the window and embrace the gift out there. From my ...

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“What is this life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?” (W.H.Davies) At the beginning of October, someone jokingly remarked to me that “there are only 11 Fridays to Christmas”! That really took my breath away! We move so quickly from one season to another, one celebration to another. We talk of not having “enough” ...

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“Why am I so favoured?” Luke 1:130 In Monica Brown’s chant, “Invisible Mystery”, she sings about “sacredness enfolding us here and now”. This enfolding conjures up for me the image of the Trinity, wrapped around my being, making me aware, once again, that I am part of the Trinitarian Mystery. God reveals Trinity in the depths of my being, yes, ...

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A cloudless sky, sun-soaked and azure for a canopy. A vast expanse of surging sea and gleaming sand: a carpet for my feet. The cry of gulls my music, and cool whisper of a breeze, my fan. And all unseen, my God unfurls His Plan to captivate me! I hear Him breathing through the trees , see Him peering out ...

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Nature at its Best

In Laudato Si, Pope Francis reminds us of how St. Francis of Assisi’s great admiration for nature inspired him to ask that a section of the Friary garden remain uncultivated, so that wild flowers and herbs could grow there undisturbed. Nature has a wonderful way of helping us to raise our minds and hearts to God, our creator, in praise ...

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July Reflection


Immigrants arriving in London-1850s London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow in the 1850s onwards experienced a time of development and growth. Many of our museums, hospitals, libraries and railways in London were built by many immigrants during the Victorian era. Prince Albert and his team of architectural developers relied heavily on the skilled workmanship from Europe, Ireland and from the Empire. ...

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